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IFIP - The French Pork and Pig Institute anticipates future developments, unites and assists professionals of the pork industry. A Research & Development organization, we serve the economic actors bringing our experience, expertise, network of partners, and openings to the international market.

Please note our new headquarter's adress : 3/5, rue Lespagnol - 75020 Paris. Tél. : (+33)1 58 39 39 50 - Fax : (+33)1 58 39 35 69

Our Services:
• breeding diagnostics and audits: the IFIP experts are at your side in case of need
• training on all of our areas of expertise
• expertise in food hygiene

How can the Institute help you ?

To find out more:

• Economics and technical-oriented reviews (Baromètre Porc, Tech Porc)
• Audience-targeted information bulletins: a fresh meat and processed products bulletin, pig farming news…
• Congresses, technical science workshops and open days: the "JRP" (www.journees-recherche-porcine.com), trade shows (Space...)

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The key figures of the French pig sector

  • Weaning productivity: average 28 piglets/year; 10% best: over 31 piglets/y
  • Global productivity: 22,2 pigs
  • Feed conversion rate: 2,8 kg

More about indicators and key figures

Who we are ? An overview on Ifip

  • An R&D company (private association): to help decisions making process, from genetics to saussages !
  • Who decide ? professional organisations, from the upstream (50%:producers, feed industry, genetics organisations) and the downstream (50%: packers, further processing)
  • A team of 100 engineers (Agro, Food and Vet) and technicians
  • Tools: 2 experimental platforms, a food microbiology laboratory, tomograph X Rays, databases
  • Users: farms, slaughtershouses, cutting plants, processing plants network
  • Budget: 10 M€ - Who pay ? tax on turnover of farms, pork industry by check-off, gouvernment missions, calls for projects (F and EU), private studies...

R&D Activities: 2009 Annual Report

News & Agenda

The international symposium on Emissions of Gas (ammonia, GHG, odors) and Dust from Livestock

Saint Malo (France) 10-13 June 2012.
Event organized by the French partnership network on Livestock a... Read more...
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Days of the Swine Research

Journées de la Recherche Porcine
French annual Meeting of the scientific and technical actors of the ... Read more...

Reproduction and herd cycling management

Improving production systems