Experimental tools: platforms and equipments

Two research stations

The IFIP leads trials at its two experimental farms, which are unmatched in Europe in terms of robustness and capacity.


- Define preventive measures to safeguard the health—hygiene status of pig farms and meet the strategic challenges tied to pig health.

- Optimize the diet management strategies that decisively shape cost prices (animal nutrition requirements...).

- Integrate multiple specifications (waste management, welfare, labour...) for building and facilities design.

- Product benchmarks for reducing environmental impacts (water and soil quality, ammonia, greenhouse gases).

- Secure opportunities and consolidate the role of the pig farm in bioenergy activity sectors.

A microbiology laboratory

Driven by its consumer health mission, the IFIP adopts the farm-to-fork approach to food safety.

IFIP action translates through a panel of initiatives combining authoring guides to good food safety practices and epidemiological monitoring on known pathogens with managing food health—hygiene databases (results of food chain safety audits in pig farms, slaughterhouses, butchers and meat processing plants).

This product hygiene approach also enrols the IFIP’s microbiology lab which is open to sector professionals to run shelf-life tracking analyses, strain typing of contaminants, and so on...


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