Genetics, conservation of pig breeds and improvement of animal types

Attentive to the expectations of professionals

IFIP acts as a watchdog and carries out studies to identify selection criteria in breeds or lines with expectations:

- improvement of maternal abilities,
- high quality meats,
- disease resistance,
- lower production costs, etc

More about Genetics

In partnership with the Pig Breeding Agency,Ifip brings security, reliability and transparency to the system by carrying out tests on the performance levels of genetic breeds, lines or hybrids available to pig producers, and monitoring the genetic certification of populations.

Ensuring that producers are provided with genetic value of animals so that they can choose the best reproducers.

IFIP aims to constantly optimise the flow of genetic information between data collection farms (breeding units, test stations), the data processing centre, and the dissemination network.
The institute oversees the data flow and processing system, making sure that it operates effectively by conducting monthly genetic evaluation of the breeding stock in the national database. It also takes part in managing performance test stations.

IFIP incorporates molecular genetics (genomics) into the process by participating, for instance, in building and managing databases that combine biological material (DNA) and performance indicators, so that, ultimately, molecular data can be taken into account in determining the genetic value of breeding stock.

Maintaining within-breed genetic diversity

IFIP coordonates genetic resource preservation programmes with breeders of numerically smaller breeds.


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