Pigs breeding: housing,reproduction & health

Pig farming techniques: thinking the future of pig production

The organisation of pig breeding is constantly changing.

Lower production costs, professional specialisation, environmental optimisation, social acceptability and compliance with new regulations are just some of the driving forces for those changes.

Ifip produces technical and economic reference documents and decision-aid tools to facilitate these changes:

- buildings tailored to various,

- evolving specifications (size, organisation...).

Lowering production costs by technical features

International competition is such that it has become necessary to cut production costs by every possible technical means: optimised reproduction methods, biosafety rules...

IFIP provides technical figures tested in real-life conditions, so that breeders can analyse the situation of their herd status and, on the basis of this implement cost-effective solutions.

They are derived from station or on the field exprimentation, making it possible to quantify the technical and economic value of innovation resulting from research or suggested by suppliers.

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