Pigs farming and Animal welfare

To improve the living conditions of farm animals

Animal welfare is a complex and multidimensional concept.
In order to offer a real welfare to farm animals, such rules have to be based on objective arguments.
Animal welfare is based on harmony between the individual and its environment, adaptation and suffering.
The methods available to evaluate the level of welfare are based on measurements from indicators on health, production, physiology and behavior.
It is necessary to research on abilities of animals to better understand what their exact welfare requirements are in farm conditions.

Group housing of sows

IFIP Studies are carried out on development of group housing systems for pregnant sows.
The IFIP research concern the pen and feeding designs limiting the social competition detrimental for reproductive performance and health.
The management of enriched environment through manipulable material needs also Ifip investigations and evaluation for the issue of sow welfare.

Impact of housing on the welfare of the growing pig

It is essential to develop and test housing systems before establishing new recommendations.
The effects of housing on the welfare of the growing pig is investigated. The presence of straw can diversify exploratory activity; other means of enriching the environment have yet to be developed for other floor types.
The experiments required to study this subject need to integrate pen-space, group size and feasibility. This importance of environmental consequences should not be forgotten.

Evaluation and prevention of pain related in piglets

Male pig castration is systematically performed in France in order to avoid sexual odour of meat. It is possible to recognize and measure the mechanism of pain in animals.
The consequences are described taking into account immediate and long term pain. It is possible to reduce, or even suppress, pain by modifying the techniques themselves or by using analgesic protocol (local anaesthesia before castration).


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