Indicators and key figures

Pig production in France: an important agricultural country

  • Agricultural area : 29 million ha
  • France : 26 millions pigs per year
  • (EU 27 production : 252 million pigs per year)

A productivity in constant progress

In 2010

Weaning productivity:
- average: 28 piglets/year
- 10% best: over 31 piglets/y

Global productivity:
- 22,2 pigs

Feed conversion rate:
- 2,8 kg

At the heart of the production: professional farms of family dimension

  • Production units between 150 et 1 000 sows and more
  • 2/3 are farrow to finish
  • Less farms but bigger structures
  • A good health situation
  • 70% Family Labour: 2 persons/+ 250 sows
  • Farms with adjoining land for crops

A collective organisation based on producer organisations

  • > 90% of pigs: marketing, services(collection, support)
  • Implication in the industry: Feedstuff industry, Genetics, Slaughtering and cutting
  • Reorganization continues

Links within the French sector 2011 movements

Links within the French sector 2011(1) movements

French pork exports for 2011

French pork exports for 2011
Exported products
Customers in 2011

French pork exports for 2011

French Industrial slaughter of pigs

  • Structure of slaughterhouses in 2011
  • Main pigs slaughterhouses in 2011

French Industrial slaughter of pigs

French Salted meat: tools to address regulatory requirements and assuring a high consumer protection level

Writing Good Hygiene Practices guides (HACCP) under State supervision
The Use Code of cooked pork meat, run by ifip
Microbiological controls at each process step
“Use by” dates
Management of a health database : on farm controls, on the slaughter/cutting lines, in processing units (Listeria, salmonella,…)
Epidemiological monitoring of pathogens
Traceability all along the pig industry

French Salted meat: Key figures for 2011

The French Feedstuff industry: fully automated and efficient factories in the main crop producing area in Europe

  • Choice of raw materials with systematic quality control
  • Good practices guide
  • Risk management
  • National cereal supply
  • Sampling of engineered feedstuff
  • Flow control of raw material, feedstuff and information
  • Innovative technologies and manufacturing processes (concentration, health security, investments)
  • Composition according to the physiological stage of animals
  • Adapting feedstuff to reduce its environmental impact : nitrogen, phosphorus...

The French pig feeding industry

Key of success

- Being methodical and rigorous at each step of the process
- Being competitive to compensate security and environmental constraints
- Organization of the pig industry:
* « individual » responsible farms,
* cooperative groups supporting pig producers,
* collective tools (marketing, carcass classification...)


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